In consultation with you, our assistance takes care of all the administrative formalities, cooperating with the insurance companies

Whatever the situation and the location in Europe, our team will find the solution so that your vehicle is brought back to port thanks to our network which are in permanent contact with our assistance.

Repatriation will in many cases avoid unjustified overbilling resulting from companies taking advantage of geographical location.

In the case of an accident, we can send a representative to make an inventory of your truck, bus or semi-trailer to find the best solution.

If your motor vehicle is damaged, a replacement vehicle and equipment may be transported to the place of recovery so that your goods or your passengers can finish their trip as soon as possible. This allows you to limit delays or delivery disputes over the merchandise during the period of repair or refurbishment of your vehicle

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Always at your disposal, our company Disez-Kergoat , will make every effort to repatriate your truck or bus to the destination you want and in the quickest time.